Affordable & friendly office space in Glasgow.

Broad Street Business Complex has been serving Glasgow based businesses for over 30 years. Offering exceptional value, our 150+ tenants, across 4 locations, love the wide variety of studio, office and industrial spaces that we’ve created.

We believe office space needs to be more than just a workplace.

Our mission is to build a vibrant environment within Broad Street Business Complex — one that is affordable and friendly.

So, we had a simple idea. Create a variety of office and studio space solutions, in different shapes and sizes attracting diverse skills and people into our community.

Couple that with our exhibition and cafe space, it provides the chance for our tenants to mingle and discover new opportunities to help each other grow.

Available services from Broad Street:

Locations that suit your vocation.

Our locations are all found in the Bridgeton area of Glasgow and are just minutes from excellent transport links in and out of the city centre. You’ll find that each of our buildings have a different character so check them out to see which one suits your needs.


Connect Three are one of our tenants at RogArt Street Campus

Our tenants have a tendency of being tremedously talented.

With over 150 tenants across 4 locations, there is a huge variety of talent in our complex. From Creative Artists to Financial Advisors, and Fashion Designers to Non-Profits, we have a wealth of experiences and reasons to choose Broad Street.

More about our people:

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