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Broad Street Business Complex was born from an ambitious idea from owner John Gardner back in 1989, when a massive site, previously owned by a large engineering company, became available in Bridgeton.

John purchased the massive site and has spent over 30 years focusing on creating what is now one of the largest privately-owned business complexes in Glasgow.

Meet the team.

A family-centric team help take care of the 150+ tenants across 100,000 sq ft of office space — it’s no small task, but it’s a challenge the team adores and the tenants will be the first to back up the excellent service that they receive. Read more about the team below.

Gary Broad Street Team

Gary Gardner
Director & Facilities Manager

Day to day responsibilities?

Gary is part of the office team who share general administration of the company including marketing available properties, dealing with enquiries and viewings.

He is also involved in the refitting, upgrading and maintenance of the properties in our estate.

Gary is the first ‘go to’ with any facility issues including electrics, heating, plumbing, alarms etc.

How did he start?

Gary has been with Crestlink Limited from the outset so has been involved in building the Broad Street Business Complex from the beginning.

Mandy Gardner
Office & Accounts Manager

What do you do day to day?

Part of my role is to maintain the company’s accounts, including invoicing, credit control purchase and sales ledger. As a small family business, I also work alongside Gary and David dealing with maintenance, marketing properties etc and checking the stock of toilet rolls!

How did you start?

During and after studying accounts I worked for a couple of small companies in an accounts / admin role before joining the parent company of Broad Street, Crestlink Ltd in 1997.

What’s your proudest moment?

Working for over 20 years at Broad Street Business Complex has allowed me to see the company and its tenants develop and grow to the vibrant community we now have.

Mandy Broad Street Team
David Broad Street Team

David Gilchrist
Property Manager

What do you do day to day?

Maintaining property records. Marketing available units. Social Media. On some of these I work as a team with Gary and Mandy.

How did you start?

I qualified as a Chartered Valuation Surveyor and had my own surveying business. During that time I met John Gardner and Crestlink as clients.

After I retired from that business I came in to help Crestlink for a few weeks. That was in 2011 and I am still there; but now only in the office a couple of days a week.

What’s your proudest moment?

Achievements with Broad Street are not individual to me but very much a team effort. We are proud that the product and service we offer is good enough to mean that we are usually close to 100% full.

We must be doing something right!

Lizzie Craib
Receptionist, Rogart Street Campus

Day to day responsibilities?

The life and soul of Rogart Street Campus. Lizzie is the first welcoming face you will see when you come into Rogart Street Reception or the first friendly voice you will hear when you phone us.

Lizzie oversees the deliveries, mail and all telephone calls and makes sure everyone coming into the building knows where they are heading. She also assists Mandy with general admin, emailing tenants etc.

How did Lizzie start?

Lizzie has 10 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry and knows how to give a warm welcoming. She was a shoe-in for the job!

Lizzie Broad Street Team
Eddie Broad Street Team

Eddie MacMillan
Commissionaire, Park Lane House

After many years in the building trade, Eddie came in out the weather and became the commissionaire at Park Lane House. For 16 years now he has been the welcoming face that greets anyone arriving at the building.


After all these years Eddie is well known to all the tenants and also to the delivery drivers and other service people who call at the building so he will look after your mail and other deliveries arriving or being sent out.


Eddie has a friendly word for everyone…as long as you don’t disrespect his building!


Just don’t get him started on football!

John Gardner
Owner & Managing Director

Day to day responsibilities?

Overall responsibility for management and direction of Crestlink Limited which owns and operates Broad Street Business Complex.

Besides the management role, tenants around the Business Complex will often see John involved in directing and controlling the contractors and labourers involved in the continuous work of improving and adapting the buildings to meet tenant’s requirements and modern demands.

How did John start?

Throughout a varied career, principally in retail, construction and property development, John has applied the maxim that he wants to offer the best product he can for the most attractive price. He would rather have a centre full of satisfied tenants than hold out for the last penny but have lots of empty space.

What’s John’s proudest moment?

There’s the standard stock answer about family, grandchildren etc and that is certainly important but on the business front, the best achievement over recent years is the satisfaction of running a Business Complex that continuously sits very close to 100% capacity — meaning, happy tenants that stay long-term.

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